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I'm Majken and I'm a cunt hole freak

  • it was against the rules to get lyrics written out yesterday, but patrick was at the end of the line so i'm like, hey, might as well try, right?
  • me: could you write something out for me quick?
  • patrick: yeah yeah shhh c'mere shh super secret what's up
  • me: could you write "we're falling apart to half time?"
  • patrick: done!
  • my mom: that's against the rules, sarah!
  • patrick in this super deep super serious voice: you're going to jail, sarah.



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girls don’t want boys to like them girls want kristen stewart and natalie dormer to play lesbian lovers in an indie movie with a good soundtrack

true story

Anonymous: this is me sending an ask to myself to see how it looks on my theme 

omg im so popular


keep your friends close and your fall out boy cds closer